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This page provides an overview and quick links to fan-written short stories and novels on this site, based on Enid Blyton's characters and popular series. Note that these stories are written by various people and therefore chronologies may differ.

The Mystery of the Stolen Secrets by Richard Humphreys
It's going to be a white Christmas and Fatty's Uncle Harold comes to stay. However, before long Fatty begins to notice that his uncle is acting suspiciously. Why did he go out secretly in the middle of the night? Did he steal some keys from a local house agents' office? Who is the man with a limp? The Find Outers get on the case and are soon embroiled in a mystery that involves spies, stolen secrets and a dangerous chase along the river in the dead of night. Read this full-length novel based on Enid Byton's characters: The Mystery of the Stolen Secrets.

The Christmas of Adventure by June E.
Philip, Dinah, Jack and Lucy-Ann are excited at the prospect of spending their first Christmas together, but by Christmas Eve all their plans lie in ruins. Things get even worse when a severe snowstorm brings the country to a standstill and leaves Bill snowbound, hundreds of miles away. Forced to fend for themselves in Bill's remote moorland cottage, rumours abound of a strange and terrifying creature lurking in the woods nearby... and with a ruthless thief on the loose, striking at night and stealing birds from the local Sanctuary, the scene is set for a frightening and perilous adventure. Can they stop the thief before it's too late? Or will Kiki be the robber's next victim? Read this full-length novel based on Enid Byton's characters: The Christmas of Adventure.

The Mystery of Fitzjames Manor by Richard Humphreys
The Find-Outers visit Fitzjames Manor and are very quickly embroiled in a new mystery that has its roots in the distant past. With the help of a couple of old friends, Fatty and the Find-Outers piece together the clues and are led finally to an astonishing discovery. Read this full-length novel based on Enid Byton's characters: The Mystery of Fitzjames Manor.

The Secret Seven Split Up by June E.
June E. wrote this excellent Secret Seven full-length novel for EnidBlyton.net's fan fiction pages. She says, "I wrote it especially for my niece. She loves the Secret Seven novels but wished for Colin to have a larger role as he is her favourite character. Also she disliked the sharp and bossy way that Peter talks to his friends. So I addressed both of her wishes in this novel, and gave Colin a pivotal role, and gave Peter a shock or two to make him think a little, and start to change his ways!" Read The Secret Seven Split Up.

The Five Find-Outers in Retirement by Julie Heginbotham
A collection of short stories about the youngest (now oldest) detectives in Peterswood! Julie lives in Cornwall, England, and is also known as Julie@Owlsdene or even Julie2owlsdene. You can read more about her here.

  1. Returning to Peterswood
    The Five Find-Outers and Dog reunite in Peterswood after many, many years.
  2. The Five Find-Outers Strike Again
    This story takes place a month after Returning to Peterswood. Has the Invisible Thief returned to haunt the Find-Outers?
  3. Jewels of the Past
    When Fatty and Bets discover a long-lost letter from their good friend Ern Goon, a mystery starts to unfold...
  4. The Grand Auction
    When Tally-Ho Hotel prepares to auction off old paintings and furniture, Superintendent Jenks asks the Five Find-Outers (and dog!) to look out for a stolen painting...
  5. Author of Mystery
    When a popular author arrives in the village for a book signing, it turns out to be an old friend of the Find-Outers...
  6. Peterswood Players
    When Pip writes a stage play, the last thing he expects is to be roped into acting a part! The Find-Outers each take a role... and deal with a thief at the same time.
  7. Just An Ordinary Sunday Afternoon
    An unexpected invitation to John Goon's wedding leads to an even more unexpected turn of events when Old Clear Orf's journal is presented to the Five Find-Outers.
  8. Find-Outers Head Westward
    The Find-Outers head off together for visit to a wonderful hotel in Carbis Bay, Cornwall. Endless hot sunshine, beautiful countryside, a view of the sparkling sea... and a mysterious gardener with a secret!
  9. Down by the River
    The Five Find-Outers and dog take a jaunt in a boat on the river. But nothing is ever simple when Fatty and his friends are around, and the picnic soon becomes a hunt for treasure!
  10. Halcyon Days
    A local event, "1940's Gala Days," brings together many old friends and acquaintances in the Peterswood area.
  11. Turbulent Waters
    A relaxing holiday in the Isles of Scilly... what could possibly go wrong? Quite a lot, as it turns out!
  12. The Find-Outers' Untold Mystery
    It's Larry's eightieth birthday and a walk around Peterswood brings them to Milton House, the scene of one of their famous mysteries. But in fact the Find-Outers solved another mystery here, and the memories come flooding back...
  13. No Time For Sitting Around, Frederick!
    The Five Find-Outers recruited to break into a house a steal a golden heirloom? Surely not! The very idea goes against all that the gang stand for!
  14. The Little Theatre – Revisited
    At the recently restored theatre where the Mystery of the Pantomime Cat was solved decades ago, a new mystery bubbles up... right under the Find-Outers' noses!
  15. A Most Eventful Birthday
    It's Fatty's 80th birthday and time for reflection of years gone by.
  16. The Unusual Invitation
    When Fatty receives a birthday lunch invitation from well-known, highly elusive thief Peter (Fingers) Simpson, naturally he and Bets are suspicious. But how Fatty resist the lure of a good mystery?
        Part One
        Part Two

Rockingdown Revisited by Sally Neary
This is the fourth story about the Lynton-Martins and Mannering and Trent clans, beginning in September 1986. Snubby is reflecting on a good year for his property business and considering branching out into the country house hotel market. It seems like a twist of fate when he sees an advertisement for Rockingdown Hall for sale – the Queen Anne mansion in Dorset where he and his cousins first met Barney over thirty-five years ago. Having successfully bought the property, he then discovers that someone else wants it badly and seems determined to persuade him to sell, whatever the cost. Snubby and the family are determined to solve the mystery, but it proves to be more complex than it first seems. In the meantime there are new beginnings for many other members of the family, and the first engagement of the next generation to celebrate, but for others it seems to be the beginning of the end. In this story, we see Snubby as the man he became, and a long way from the young boy he was in the first Rockingdown Mystery...

  1. New Ventures
  2. Beginnings and Endings
  3. Black Sheep and Treachery
  4. The Treasure-Seekers
  5. Finale

Hide & Seek by Sally Neary
This is the third story about the Lynton-Martin and Mannering and Trent clans. The former Prince Aloysius Torquinel of Tauri Hessia, always know as Gus to the family, is now a successful financier, based in Switzerland, having been exiled with his family to Austria in the mid 1950's, following the abolition of the monarchy. When he realises his life is in danger, he contacts Bill for help. In the meantime, following the death of Barney's grandmother, Barney's father makes a discovery from wartime letters from his former wife which leads him, Barney and Diana on a trail to Andalusia in Spain where they finally uncover the secret of Tessie's past...

  1. New Year Revelations
  2. Wartime Revelations
  3. Resolutions & Reunions
  4. Discoveries & Deliberations
  5. Conclusion

Andra's Legacy by Sally Neary
This five-part Enid Blyton fan fiction story is the second to feature the characters from the Barney Mysteries and the Adventure series. This time they're off on a holiday to Greece, but the story spreads to Cornwall and New York as a mystery deepens...

  1. Snubby's Proposal
  2. Memories of the Past
  3. The Auction
  4. Greek Idyll
  5. Conclusion

Return to Rubadub by Sally Neary
This four-part Enid Blyton fan fiction story is set in the mid 1980s and based on the Barney Mystery series as well as the Adventure series. The central characters are Barney, Diana, and Snubby, all now in their late forties, and the story begins in the lead up to Barney's 50th birthday. Barney and Diana are married, and there's a link with the characters from the Adventure series as Snubby met and married Lucy-Ann Trent early in their twenties. Needless to say, there's a strong mystery element, based on the original Rubadub Mystery.

  1. Making Plans
  2. The Letters
  3. The Party
  4. Conclusion

Five on a Monster Hunt by Keith Robinson
A rare short story by someone who's just too busy these days and doesn't update EnidBlyton.net often enough. Sorry folks! When the Five go on holiday and a fascinating story crops up, the boys just have to investigate... and find more than they bargained for. Read Five on a Monster Hunt.

The Aeroplane of Adventure by David Marlor
Philip, Dinah, Lucy-Ann and Jack are all set for a holiday with their mother, Bill and Kiki the parrot in a remote part of England when a disaster changes their plans. The children and Kiki soon find themselves marooned in a remote part of the world. At first the children are concerned about how to survive and get home, but quickly realise that something is not right and that the safety of every nation on earth is at stake.

David says, "I'm also a fan of Malcolm Saville's Lone Pine Series, so in this novel there is a small throwaway homage to the Lone Piners – it appears in Chapter One and again in a smaller way in Chapter Two. Hope people enjoy the story and I would appreciate feedback. I've tried to be true to Enid Blyton's original characters and the tone and feel of the books. I have set the story in the same time period, but I also wanted to not be too sexist when dealing with the boys and girls. I've kept the concept of the the boys and Bill wanting to protect the girls as you see extensively in Enid Blyton stories, but also wrote Dinah and Lucy-Ann as a little more useful and independent – not much, just some. I also toned down Kiki a little, but she's still there and every bit a part of the adventure."
This story is presented as a Daily Serial, starting November 29th, 2009, and ending 27 days later on Christmas Day. Read The Aeroplane of Adventure.

One-Off Stories by various writers
Not all FanFic stories are about the Five Find-Outers... although it sometimes seems that way! The following can be read independently of each other and are based on various popular Enid Blyton characters. Two of these stories are full length novels, one is a novella, and the rest are short stories. All have a distinct Blytonian flavor. Enjoy!

  1. The Mystery of the Stolen Books a full length novel by Keith Robinson
    This has been loitering about the website for some time now. I wrote it with an optimistic view of seeing it published as a paperback novel, but to no avail. So it's published here instead, in its entirety. It's written to the same length as the original books, 43,000 words or so, and I've tried to retain the overall feel of the originals.
  2. Five Go Back to Kirrin Island a full length novel by Various Writers
    Written by members of the Yahoo Blyton Group, this is a Round Robin story – that is, each chapter is written by a different person, with the overall plot being decided as the story moves along. It could go in any direction! This was an ongoing project started in January 2006 and finally finished in October of the same year (several months later than expected).
  3. The Mystery of the Burgled Bedroom by Keith Robinson
    Solve the mystery yourself! This is a short story where the end was delayed so that readers could ponder the mystery before having the answer revealed. Readers were invited to write in with their solutions. Who committed the crime, and which clues prove it? The remaining portion of this story was published a week after the first part.
  4. Camping in the Lonely Land by Aishwarya Kane
    This FanFic story is around 21,000 words long, about the same as many of Enid Blyton's shorter novels. The story follows the Famous Five pattern – a group of cousins/siblings falling into an adventure without meaning to. Although it doesn't feature actual Enid Blyton characters, it's definitely got a Blyton feel to it!
  5. Five Grow Very Old Together by Liz Filleul
    If you're wondering what happened to the Famous Five when they finally grew up, well, look no further! This is a story about the original Five sharing another adventure while blowing off cobwebs and complaining about creaky joints. It's fitting that the Five find adventure in a retirement home. And if you're thinking that Timmy can't possibly still be alive after all these years, you'd be right – in this, he's Timmy IV.
  6. Party With The Fairies by Somita
    This is from Somita, a young Enid Blyton fan. This story is not based on Enid Blyton characters, but is very well written and extremely Blytonesque in style, and will certainly appeal to young readers who like fantasy short stories about fairies.
  7. The Bold Little Anne and Dick by Chelsea Elizebeth
    A cute story about a nasty magician... and a well-known brother and sister team, Anne and Dick. This will appeal to younger readers.
  8. The Wrong Land by Evie Mitchell
    This is a brand new story set in the Enchanted Wood and featuring the characters from the popular Faraway Tree series. Once again, Saucepan has made a mistake! How will the children escape from the Land of Sadness?

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