The Bold Little Anne and Dick

by Chelsea Elizabeth

This is from Chelsea Elizebeth, who says: "Kindly find attached story of adventure of Anne and Dick. This is my first attempt, I hope little kids like me will enjoy this story." edited just a couple of small things; the rest is Chelsea's own work. Enjoy!

Once upon a time in a faraway land there was a magician who was very wicked. He was known for his magical powers all over the land.

There was an elf. He was very nosey. The magician and the elf were enemies. The elf had a dog named Pete. He was very loyal. The elf was very much fond of the dog. The magician did not like Pete. One day he planned to keep him away from the elf.

One day when the elf was sleeping in his room the magician turned himself into a rabbit. When Pete came to know that there was a rabbit in the house he began to chase the rabbit. Then the rabbit went out of the house, in the yard the rabbit changed himself back into a magician. The dog felt scared. He growled and whined to wake up the elf. But the elf did not wake up.

A school boy and a schoolgirl were passing by. They heard the growling and the whining of the dog. The boy named Dick was a scholar and the girl named Anne was very honest. They said to each other, "Did you hear that? It is a dog growling and whining. I think it needs help. Let's go!"

Then the children saw the magician taking away the dog, they said, "I think we must help the poor dog. The magician must be up to something very bad."

So they hid in one of the bushes in the garden. The magician changed himself into a man and he put a magic spell on the dog to make him asleep. Then he picked up the dog and went towards his tower which was beside his house. The children saw it and they decide to rescue Pete. They followed the magician towards his tower.

The magician's tower was hid deep inside the forest beside his house. The tower was huge and beautiful. Its door was very strong, high and it had a big keyhole. The magician took out an apple. It was of golden color! The magician took out his wand. The wand was pointing towards the apple. Then he muttered some magical words and lo! The golden apple turned into a big key that would easily be put into the keyhole. Then the magician inserted the key into keyhole the door of the tower opened.

He went in. the children too followed him carefully. The tower was very dark. There were no lamps to give light. Suddenly the children saw a dim light a bit far. They knew that it was the magician. So they kept quiet and said nothing. The light was coming nearer and nearer. The children stepped back. But just then Anne tripped over an old box and made loud noise.

The magician said "Who's that? Who did this? Anyone over here?"

But no answer came. Then he thought that it might have been a mouse or a bat that must have made that the noise. Then he went ahead and started climbing up the stairs. The noises of the footsteps were loud. When the noise of the footsteps faded away, Dick said "Be careful next time he might come to know that someone is here in this tower."

Anne nodded. The girl was hungry. She opened her bag to get out some jam-bread. But when she put her hand in the bag she felt something hard, cylindrical and which had a glass on the top and something thick cloth beside it. Then she took out the cylindrical thing. It had a button on it. She pressed the button, and to her surprise it was the torch and the rope which she had forgot to remove from her bag after the trip to the mountain. Now they could easily see everything.

They tried to find out which way the magician went. At last they found it. Then after climbing up the stairs they came to a small room which had only one big window and daylight gushed through it. They switched off the torches and suddenly they heard a loud noise which said "Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! You doggy now you cannot come in my way. Your master can't find you. I will be the strongest of all once again. Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!"

The children knew at once it was the wicked magician. Then they heard some footsteps again. They once again hid in the shadow darkness so the magician would not see them. The magician went away. Then the children opened the door and crept into the room silently. There they saw the dog tied with a rope to a pole. The dog started barking. But immediately Anne gave him food to eat and so he kept quiet.

Dick said, "I think we must hurry or the magician will come back and catch us."

No sooner he said it the door of the tower opened making a funny sound. The children heard the noise. They climbed down the parapet of the window. There was a strong branch of a tree. Dick quickly took out the rope and tied it to the branch of the tree. They quickly climbed down. They climbed down very smoothly because they were extremely good at the school gym.

As soon as they were down they rushed to the elf's house and told him all that they saw and happened. The children were rewarded and praised by the king and by everyone for their bravery. And the wicked magician who was wondering where could have the dog vanished was punished by the king for his own good.