The Mystery of the Stolen Secrets

©2017 Richard Humphreys

It's going to be a white Christmas and Fatty's Uncle Harold comes to stay. However, before long Fatty begins to notice that his uncle is acting suspiciously. Why did he go out secretly in the middle of the night? Did he steal some keys from a local house agents' office? Who is the man with a limp? The Find Outers get on the case and are soon embroiled in a mystery that involves spies, stolen secrets and a dangerous chase along the river in the dead of night...

  1. Toasted Crumpets
  2. The Stranger
  3. Uncle Harold and the Strange Lady
  4. Boris Boggs
  5. A Visit to the House Agent
  6. Suspicions
  7. Bumps in the Night
  8. A Burglary?
  9. The Find Outers Get on the Case
  10. Fatty Gets Some Keys
  11. An Interesting Discovery
  12. Mr Goon’s Unpleasant Surprises
  13. An Unexpected Guest
  14. Mr Goon Lands in Trouble
  15. What Happened in the Loft?
  16. Some Things Become Clear
  17. Mr Goon and Boris
  18. Mr Goon Loses his Temper
  19. The Hideout
  20. Prisoners
  21. Boris Plays Detective
  22. Superintendent Jenks Arrives
  23. Escape
  24. Boris is Helpful
  25. The Mystery is Solved