The Mystery of Fitzjames Manor

©2015 Richard Humphreys

The Find-Outers visit Fitzjames Manor and are very quickly embroiled in a new mystery that has its roots in the distant past. With the help of a couple of old friends, Fatty and the Find-Outers piece together the clues and are led finally to an astonishing discovery.

  1. Together Again
  2. Mr. Goon
  3. The Viewing Day
  4. A Surprise Visitor
  5. The Mystery Begins
  6. The Maze
  7. The Mystery Deepens
  8. Ern Does Some Detecting
  9. Theories and Plans
  10. Suspicious Characters
  11. Ern is Nabbed
  12. Back to the Manor
  13. Extraordinary Discoveries
  14. Eunice Makes Her Own Plans
  15. Caught in the Maze
  16. The Mystery Comes to the Boil
  17. The Mystery is Solved