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When I discovered this dog in Rome, I thought he looked much more like Eileen A. Soper's imagination of Timmy than the dogs used in the 1957 movie and both TV series.
I don't know if this is a mongrel, but I've seen the exact same kind of dog more than once or twice.

My husband André with our puppy Cody on Friday November 28th 2014. They bonded immediately.

At first Cody fell asleep on André's lap, later he wanted back down on the floor again and fell asleep behind the chair.

Me with our little fella.

He's 6 weeks old. We can bring him home when he's 8 weeks old.

It's 12th of December 2014 and Cody is home with us. He slept almost all the time in the car on the way back.
He was not interested in food or water, so we put him in his new doggie bed where he's still asleep.

Cody awake for a moment, then asleep again. With 8 weeks puppies still sleep a lot!

Cody end of February 2015 next to our garage window. On the right side you can see the upper quarter of our 2 meters high fence...the snow was 150 cm high.

Taken on 4/4/15


Cody in May 2016 on the basement staircase (he does not dare to walk downstairs into the basement :)).

Cody looking longingly at the bananas on the kitchen table. May 2016.

Cody with his favorite squeaky toy from BarkBox, a baseball glove. May 2016.

That's me on 8/23/08 in Corfe Castle Village, Dorset. The phone booth is right next to the original movie location from the 1957 "Five on a Treasure Island" CFF movie (when George walks inside the antique store). Today this building is harboring Oliver's Bistro. It's on West Street, just around the corner from the Ginger Pop Shop. Vivienne Endecott gave me this information.

Oliver's Bistro on West Street, the movie location in "Five on a Treasure Island" (1957) where George enters the antique shop.

Kirrin Station (Corfe Station)

At the train station.

The train arriving at Kirrin Station (Corfe Castle Village Station).

Corfe Train Station

The Poster of the Famous Five next to the Train Station in Corfe Castle Village.


Kirrin Castle/Corfe Castle seen from the church next to the village square.

Andre in front of Corfe Castle.

The keep from Corfe Castle.

The keep from Corfe Castle seen from another side.

The little room in the castle used in the movie for the scene when the FF discover the wreck once the thunder storm is over.

I remember these sheep from my first Corfe Castle trip in 1981 and was happy to see they are still living on the castle grounds!

The Ginger Pop Shop in Corfe Castle Village.

Every Enid Blyton fan's heart must beat faster when entering Vivienne's wonderful store...

Vivienne Endecott, the Wishing Chair, Andre and me in front of the Ginger Pop Shop in Corfe Castle Village on 8/23/08. One of the most exciting days of my life!

Vivienne Endicott and Andre on 8/23/08.

Another movie location from the1957 film: this is Stairhole Cove on the Isle of Purbeck. In the movie it served as the landing spot for George's boat on Kirrin Island.

My boyfriend Andre, Stairhole Cove, Lulworth, Dorset, on 8/25/08.

This friendly tourist at Stairhole Cove made me think of Kiki from the Adventure series :). She was travelling with her husband and two little parrots, one was 2 years old, the other one 4 years.

Close to Stairhole Cove I discovered this beautiful house next to the cliff. To me it looks like Kirrin Cottage. Maybe it inspired Enid Blyton when she described George's home?

Lulworth Cove in the afternoon.

Demonstrating for my boyfriend how to cross a British fence (on the way to Durdle Door).

Durdle Door next to Lulworth Cove, another movie location...

...from the CFF movie "Five on a Threasure Island".

The bottom shelf with Secret Seven and my FanFic box.

The FanFic box with all printed out FF, Adventure and FFO & Dog sequels written by Julie and several other member writers in the group. Next to it my pink Blyton folder with hundreds of paper clippings from the Dortmunder Zeitungsausschnittsammlung (a collection with newspaper clippings which gets lended to people for a small fee).

On the shelf on top of the Secret Seven the R series.

the remaining FFO & Dog books divided by an Enid blyton Puzzle (which I bought at Vivian's Ginger Pop Shop) from the R series.

The rest of the Adventure series and the beginning of the FFO & Dog volumes.

Claude Voilier's FF books and the beginning of the Adventure series. Leaning against the photo on the left is Viv's little 2008 pin.

Some of the later written sequels to the FF series. Some by Claude Voilier and some by a German author.

This is the middle part with the beginning of the later FF sequels and the end of the original FF series.

The left end of the shelf with original FF volumes. On top the old hardcover version from the 70's by Barbara Stoney.

The shelf above. This is the right end with more FF books.

The middle part of the FF shelf. On top some souvenirs from the Jurassic Coast in Dorset (2008). The stone is from Lulworth Cove and the cute shells as well. On the left all "Just George" books.

The oldest book is left of the "Treasure Hunters" called "The Wonderful Adventure". Next to it "The Adventurous Four" with the German translations which differ quite a bit from the originals.

Ginger Beer from the Ginger Pop Shop plus a lovely linen bag.

On top of my bookcase I have the few Blyton biographies which also contain the book on "EB and her Enchantment with Dorset", Viv's book "The Dorset Days of EB" plus a beautiful catalog about Eileen A. Soper and her father George Soper (my husband found that for me). The rest should be readable I hope.

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