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June 1, 2017 – Avan N. Cooverji says: E is for Enid who all kids love N is for her numerous fans I is for intelligence her characters display D is for their daring and elan B is for the brave Fatty and George L is for the lovely Ann Y is for the yells and shouts T is for Tiimothy who' s a real scout O is for all the outgoing boys and girls N is for the next adventure they bring about.
July 14, 2017 – Avan N. Cooverji says: When Mr. Goon was a litttle boy , He did not have much of joy, He was given not a toy , So he grew up to be shy and coy. He had no mum to pamper him, Nor a dad to keep him trim, His childhood was very grim, Filled with sadness to the brim. When he grew up there was none, To give him any sort of fun, That turned him into quite a glum , Though by no means was he a bum. Then he got a job or two, Till he went for an interview, There he got what was due, For he turned into a cop for you. The rest as we all well know, He was always on the go, He loved to trouble people so, If his line they did not tow. To add to this five children came, Along with a dog they could not tame, Who bit Goon and made him lame, But still he remained just the same. So spare a thought for poor old Goon, For if in the coming month of June , He may solve a mystery very soon, And then he'll be over the moon.
August 4, 2017 – Avan N. Cooverji says: Father Time: ----- Old Father Time is a wicked old man, He says catch me if you can, Knowing very well that he's always ahead , And can catch him only when we're dead. He loves to play and he loves to tease, He will pant and he will wheeze, But he'll never give up and he'll never let go, We're all in his power just so. See what he did to the beautous Queen, However could he be so mean? She who was once so pretty and slim , He turned her into a Lady Grim. Now she goes with her legs bowed and bent, Still he will never relent, Her hairs turned white and her so has her gents, Old age to him and her he has quickly sent. He goes after all, no one he respects, He attacks them in all their aspects, He goes after skin, he goes after teeth, To him we're all dead meat. The bones he turns weak and the skin makes loose, So that we end up looking like a moose, The face he contorts , the figure he shrinks, And us to the edge of despair he brings. Father Time why are you so cruel, Why don't you just let us be? Why do you taunt and torture us so, Why do you not your own way go? You went after the Famous Five , As if you wanted to eat them alive, You did not spare the FindOuters and Dog, You make all loose their way as if in a fog. Father Time is a wily old man , Can we catch him? Yes we can, We'll ourselves grow old, and then we can be, Out of his clutches, you just wait and see. Once we are infirm and very old , He'll have nothing left to do, Thats when he'll know that we too are bold, And it is he who is left out in the cold.

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