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March 11, 2015 – Brendan Joseph Fitzpatrick says: I love holidays and my ideal one if I won the lottery would be as follows, a few days on the Isle of Gloom. I would charter my own boat and do a bit of bird watching, I would stop at the Craggy Tops hotel, hopefully I wouldn't have to bring my own water then I would be off to Wales and to the Vale of Butterflies which would include a helicopter ride over Fang mountain, then off to Spiggy Holes for a few days before a Trip to Europe in Bill's aeroplane to Baronia and Tauri-Hessia and then back to England for a few days at the Owls Dene health centre before doing a weeks backpacking,hopefully meeting up with a few travelling fairs,then I would be off to Peterswood via Cherrydale and Kirrin. I would spring a few false clues about to keep the local bobby occupied, in disguise as a French boy of course, then I would round it up at the Rubadub Inn for a few days and discover a few secret passages, and hope the submarine base hasn't been shut down due to defence cuts, my sort of holiday. ,.
Fatty says... Fatty says: You'd have a job to fit all that in in a week! How about you others? Where would you like to spend a holiday?
March 12, 2015 – Tinky says: I'd like to go to the beautiful "Austrian" valley that Enid describes in the Valley of Adventure. :)
Buster says... Buster says: Yes, it does sound a very exciting place.
March 12, 2015 – Evie M says: KIRRIN ISLAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AWESOME!!!!!!! :D :D
March 12, 2015 – Evie M says: The cruise ship in the Ship of Adventure sounds pretty awesome too : -D and Ring o Bells village : -P everywhere really! (although maybe not the Isle of Gloom!!!!!)
July 29, 2015 – Anonymous says: Kirin Island and the Secret Island!!!!!!!!!!! ; ).
August 26, 2017 – Avan N. Cooverji says: The Famous Five also spent one holiday on a farm. I would love to do that also, especially having meals that the farmer's wife provides so generously--- Newly laid eggs, clotted cream , buttered toasts, scrumptious buns, roast chicken, fresh fruit juice, hot chocolate, warm milk--- the list goes on and on. Add to that hearing the cows moo, the pigs in their pens, ducks waddling about, the dogs herding the sheep , a horse or two and the wonderful clean country air. Heaven!
Fatty says... Fatty says: There are plenty of farms offering B&B and holiday lets, so this would be quite possible for you, Avan.
September 15, 2017 – Sarah Strong says: Quite a lot of Enid Blytons books were written during the second world war or during the prolonged period of rationing that followed. How tantalising the feasts in her books would have been to children who had to endure a very restricted diet, with limited protein and few sweet treats!

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