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Famous Five – Whatever Happened to the Famous Five?

January 5, 2008 – Andy says: I wonder what became of Julian, Dick, George and Anne? Did Dick's love of food lead him to become a restaurant critic? Did Anne become a housewife like the boys thought she would? Let me know what you think?
January 8, 2008 – Fiona says: If they were alive today Dick's love of food would have led him to obesity I am sure. I can't imagine the cousins going their separate ways. I bet they are in a nursing home together now. Dick always having double portions of Shepard's Pie. Anne always has a damp cloth and duster near by, and always helps serving the food and clearing the tables after. Julian still bosses everyone about - he picks the TV channel, and send the others to bed, as he is the eldest. And of course George who scowls more fiercely than ever (the wrinkles help), while Timmy (aged 200 in dog years) still steals the sausages out of the larder when he can.
January 9, 2008 – Katrina says: Julian became a politician. Dick started his career as Julian's loyal secretary before moving into the restaurant business. George legally changed her name, went to university and joined their rowing team. Then she went to the Olympics in single scull, met her partner, had a civil ceremony in Holland with Dick (the only one her cousins still talking to her) acting as best man. Anne got married at 17 to a 32 year old man. She cooks and cleans for him and her eight children. Timmy met a Labrador named Gracie and they are on their third litter.
January 11, 2008 – Zehra says: Umm, I think all the cousins started a private detective agency. Julian, the owner, Dick, chief investigator and George their MAN on the mission. Anne got married had 3 kids, divorced and now she is also in the agency. George is divorced too. She has a son. Timmy's descendant is still with them and helps them solve cases.
January 28, 2008 – Rituparna says: Well, why should both George and Anne be married and divorced?I rather think that Anne gets married to someone, Dick gets married to a well-behaved Jo, and George and Julian get married. They all are good detectives and so, together they start "A Famous Five Detective Agency", with Julian as leader, Dick and George as Secretaries, and Joe and Anne as efficient team-mates. I think that will be a much happy and better ending.
January 29, 2008 – Floss says: I believe Julian is actually Julian Clary. Dick is really Richard Branson - George is 'Boy' George and Anne married a Mr Robinson and now presents 'the weakest link'.
February 11, 2008 – Michelle King says: It could be Dick married to Jo. Julian... Hmm. I think he married to someone and divorced because Julian is bossy. Anne is a great, well... good housewife. George, still George.
February 29, 2008 – Mimsy Kirana says: I think George will finally settle down as a girl and marry Julian because I can see their affection in both. Even though they are cousins, I never think they should never end up married. Dick will perhaps be a chef or a food critic like the scary-faced hunchback in Rattatouille because everyone knows his love of food. Anne's girlish manners will lead her into a world of being a housewife.
March 3, 2008 – abhilasha says: I am very sure Dick will marry Jo. I don't know what will happen to Anne. Maybe she will find a suitable and nice husband for she was such a nice 'housewife'. Perhaps Julian will become a detective and get divorced by his wife for being too bossy and as for George, will remain a George, the best.
March 19, 2008 – George says: Dick married Jo. Anne married someone. Julian... urm... uh... maybe got divorced from his wife for being bossy. George, still George. Oh! Really?! Why should Julian and George get married to each other?I can't see them both having any good affection for each other. Please anyone tell me why everyone thinks Julian and George should end up married??
March 23, 2008 – sumedha says: i think dick marrys jo (for sure)and becomes a food critic . julian stilll a bit bossy but becomes a detective. george no idea she keeps changing her mood. oh !!!!! really why the heck does any have to be a housewife . I agree she is sweet , caring , affectionate and all but thats no proper reason for her to be a housewife. Ms Katrina please could you tell me how do you know she might have 8 kidsand get maried only when 17 she would never do that because she knows its illegal. that to a 32 -year man never.
Inspector Jenks says... Inspector Jenks says: Sumedha, I emailed you to advise that you need to check your posts for proper capitalization, but you're still using all lowercase. I can't force you to write a certain way, but I can reject posts! ;-)
March 24, 2008 – Mimsy Kirana says: Dick will end up marrying Jo, and supported the family as a food critic. Nah, I could smell the cooking set on his table to be crictised by now. Julian is, of course, acting his Mr. Bossy part as always in his work as a detective. I think I saw him peeping at an alley just now! Anne is a sweet girl, who deserves a good husband. She is surely going to marry someone when she's older or maybe being an old great-aunt (after her husband died or divorced her) looking after her twelve great grandchildren, more or less. George will remain as George. An ill-tempered girl that may end up opening a detective agency. I know that quite well because one of her promotion flyers is sent to my house! Timmy found a beautiful Labrador called Tara and is on their way to the fifth litter!
March 25, 2008 – Mimsy Kirana says: All this while, one always asks for the future of the Five. I felt bad for poor Timmy. I can see him lowering his head now. There are only a few comments that include Timmy. For me, I think Timmy is going to meet a beautiful cream Labrador with pink ribbons tied at her neck and her fur brushed nicely and her head held up high. They probably meet at a garden, when George has a mood to take him for a walk. Timmy barks in a way of greeting, then, a few years later, Timmy had five litters. Maybe they are going to add up sooner or later - who knows?
May 2, 2008 – Jack says: Well, I think that Julian started up his own business and married. He now lives happily with his children. Dick's love of doing anything exciting led him to became a pilot, which he likes. He also marries Jo, who now has all the morals she was lacking when she had adventures with the Five. Georgina got influenced by her cousins and at last tried to be sensible and now doesn't continue pretending she is a man. However she still does the things men do, such as rowing and swimming, things at which she was quite good when she was in her teens. She is also now married and has children, one of them exactly like her when she was as a child. Anne ? Well, she finished school and got a degree, then married and became a housewife. She now lives happily with her husband and children, getting into activities that housewives do. And Timmy found his partner, had many descendants and has now died, although his name is continued and represented by one of his descendants, who is now with Georgina. While they are all going separate ways, the Five still meet regularly and Dick takes them all for flights all around the world !
May 11, 2008 – Darrell says: Well, after they finish school Uncle Quentin says that he has become old, He and Aunt Fanny are going to a nursing home, The Five are going to stay at Kirrin. Hurrah! They go to the same home as Julian's parents. Timmy meets a dog called Tana, and, surprisingly lived till The death of the Five. They didn't get married, just solved mysteries at Kirrin.
January 14, 2009 – Sophie says: Well, I think that Anne would have married and become a nice housewife with a little boy called Timmy. George I think either became a detective or joined the police force with her side kick dog Timmy. Dick became an older version of Gordon Ramsay without so much swearing. Julian married a lady and had a daughter, He became an Office man and earns a high wage. It's still customary for the five to met each holiday and do events together, often visiting Kirrin.
January 15, 2009 – hope189 says: What happened????????????Of course, they remained in their early teens forever (like most of Blyton's characters who share the view that time freezes when kids become teenagers) and solved mysteries and had adventures! If they had ever grown up, Anne would have become a children's nurse or a housewife. George would remain a spinster and probably become something like a sports teacher. Julian would have married someone like Anne (of course, not Anne. Duh. They are siblings!)and become something boring and proper like a doctor or an engineer. As for Dick, he would have gone on to become an explorer or a pilot or something exciting.
January 18, 2009 – Sophie says: I do remember in one book, Julian and Dick say they would live with Anne because her cooking is so good, so they could end up living together.
January 19, 2009 – rogoz says: Some learned smarty observed that people mostly choose partners that look like their own siblings. So Julian would have married Anne, who would marry Dick and Georgina would have married Timmy - so as to speak. P. S. - it's Blyton that got stuck at age 13, not her characters. Noddy became Mr Nod; Big Ears became Mr Big [ also called Mr Ears behind his back ], Julian became Lord Kirrin of Kirrin etc.
January 19, 2009 – jeni says: Rogoz, it's not 'learned smarties', but it's 'statistics' that show that people often marry other people who look like their 'fathers', 'mothers' or 'siblings'. Why? I'm not qualified to offer an explanation; however, my best guess is that people will choose someone who looks like a cherished family member, because they feel safer, more secure and feel sure of happiness, because the one they're marrying looks similar to a beloved family member. Whether they 'live happily ever after' that is anyone's guess.
January 19, 2009 – Jeni says: Yes, Hope, I agree with you - they remained children in their early teens! They remain young teens for the future generations and generations of young children to enjoy their stories and who would benefit greatly from these stories! (our children included!) Why? force them to grow up and become adults? Isn't the life of a modern day adult difficult and heart breaking as it is in these difficult times? Let us cherish the childish world of Enid Blyton - cherish it in order to enjoy it over and over again ourselves, and leave it in intact for our own children to enjoy over and over again!
Fatty says... Fatty says: I absolutely agree with you Jeni. However, I do like to read Julie's stories of how we might have ended up in our dotage!
January 20, 2009 – Willowro1 says: I think that none of the get married, I also think that both Julian and Dick join the police. And maybe George is a Private detective??? I think Anne might become a teacher. Are they reasonable suppositions?? Post back.
February 24, 2009 – Deep_blue_sea says: When in their twenties, the Five once went to a small fishing village, somewhere in Scotland. There, they met a fisherman called Andy and George instantly fell in love with the tall man with eyes as blue as the sea. They live in the same fishing village with George helping Andy to mend his nets and going out with him in his boat. Of course, Timmy's pup, Tim, is with George and Andy. At the same time, Anne found Andy's friend, Tom, very attractive. She giggled at all his pranks and once, she cooked a meal for him. After that, Tom proposed to Anne, who happily accepted. They are now settled in a small town somewhere in Yorkshire, and run a successful bed and breakfast joint. Dick, who became a pilot for British Airways, met a beautiful co-pilot Peggy Arnold, who he fell in love with and married her. They are both based in Manchester and fly all over the world, sometimes together. Julian went on to become a criminal lawyer in London and met a lovely young woman, the green eyed Lucy-Ann Trent, who was a law clerk in the law firm where Julian practiced. It was love at first sight for both, Julian and Lucy-Ann. They are now happily married and often visit Scotland, Yorkshire, Manchester to meet George and Andy, Anne and Tom and Dick and Peggy. Last heard, they were all planning to meet up at Kirrin Village for Easter for a relaxing time in the April sunshine and go for long walks on the cliffs and the moors. Maybe, if the weather is good, a trip to Kirrin Island, too!!
February 25, 2009 – Padré says: Julian joined the Army as an officer and was swiftly promoted throught the ranks to Colonel. Dick, with his love of jokes and humour became a stand-up comedian and sit-com writer. Julian doesn't know that Dick's most successful comedy in the '70s was about a prisoner in jail because he wouldn't approve of showing a criminal in a sympathetic way. George, always outspoken, now hosts a TV chatshow. Anne became a clothes designer. Her AK range of clothes and her fragrance AK1 became bestsellers. Aunt Fanny sent Timmy to the pound because he ate all the sausages.
February 27, 2009 – hope189 says: Padre, I do find your post interesting. But, I can't help wondering whether George would allow Aunt Fanny to send Timmy to the pound!
February 28, 2009 – Tuba says: Deep_blue_sea, great idea except that Julian should marry someone like Dinah and not Lucy Ann.
March 6, 2009 – sophie says: I used to wonder what happened next but now I realise that anyhow they could have lived happily in some adventure or another, so treat yourself to believe anything happened, maybe they all died?(although that would happen eventually).
April 21, 2009 – Willowro1 says: "February 25, 2009 – Padré says: Julian joined the Army as an officer and was swiftly promoted throught the ranks to Colonel. Dick, with his love of jokes and humour became a stand-up comedian and sit-com writer. Julian doesn't know that Dick's most successful comedy in the '70s was about a prisoner in jail because he wouldn't approve of showing a criminal in a sympathetic way. George, always outspoken, now hosts a TV chatshow. Anne became a clothes designer. Her AK range of clothes and her fragrance AK1 became bestsellers. Aunt Fanny sent Timmy to the pound because he ate all the sausages." I do not agree with nearly all of this comment you have posted. 1. Anne never showed any interest in clothes at all. 2. George was almost never out spoken! 3. The children would not have let Timmy go to the pound. Also Aunt Fanny would not have said this at all. I am very sorry. Post me back. Telling me what you think people. Bye.
April 22, 2009 – Fiona B says: Willowro1 I think you may have missed the humourous tone of this thread. ; ) But really, Anne could have developed an interest in clothing her late teenage years, and George was constantly outspoken!
April 23, 2009 – Irene says: Well, Julian became a head chief in the police force and he is the big cheese of solving every single crime, and married Anne, who does all the kitchen stuff. Dick, became a police officer, too! The loyal secretary of Officer Julian. Georgina, married Dick, and made Jo a household servant(^^).
Fatty says... Fatty says: Sounds pretty incestuous to me - so I don't think that that is likely! Brothers cannot marry their sisters, Irene.
April 29, 2009 – Josefine says: Dick married Jo and they would have 3 children (one girl and two boys). They would live in a small town not so far from Kirrin. George married Jeff (Five Go to Billycook Hill) and they will have one boy. They travelled a lot in the world but when the are home they are in Kirrin where they moved when George's mother and father no longer could take care of Kirrin Cottage. George shows her boy the island and talked about her adventures. She got a new dog after Tim's death (he became 14 years old). Anne married a politican or something like that and live in a big house (like a mansion) and they had four wonderful children (two girls and two boys). They are the perfect family and they visit Anne's brothers and cousin as often as they can. Julian started to focus on his career to became an artist (painter). But he got married and divorced first with an artist he met at college before he met the girl of his life and got married again. He had three children, one girl from his first marriage and two children from his second (one girl and one boy).
May 12, 2009 – Irene says: Okay, then here's a better one. Julian became a detective, and married Berta, and lived happily ever after. Dick, became a pencil factory designer and married Jo, who works on the circus. Anne (a housewife), married Sooty, and lived very happily. George became a solo without a partner, and became a vet. Does that sound good?
May 16, 2009 – mianna says: I don't know about the 4 but Julian becomes a police officer, catches a wrong person and when his seniors tell he will not listen and will be sent to jail for not listening. Then he will try to run away from jail but will be caught and put in again for 50000 years so that others can live nicely.
May 25, 2009 – Andy says: I never expected such imaginative answers when I posed this question back in January. My favourite has to be from deep_blue_sea on Feb 24 and not just because George marries a guy called Andy! I love it when you bring Lucy-Ann Trent from the 'Adventure' stories in. The detail in your post is great and I would love to know more! Do tell!
May 26, 2009 – blyton4keeps says: Uncle Quentin's work as a researcher earned him national fame and he became one of the most respected scientists in Britain. George, who had always felt secretly proud of her father's intelligence, studied hard at school and excelled as an environmentalist. She works actively for the protection of the national coastline and her beloved Kirrin Island. George never married and lives with her faithful Tim. Anne married the dependable and trustworthy Peter, a rich and successful businessman who owned several televison networks. In 2000 Anne was offered the opportunity to host her own home smart show where she offers advise on homemaking, cooking and decor. Dick married Jo and lived in London where they both worked in theatre production. . More to follow.
May 27, 2009 – Anonymous says: TOO HARD ON POOR JU, MIANNA!I Admit Julian is a bit bossy but not so much so that you are all too harsh on him. About what happened to Ju, he married Henrietta (Finninston farm).
May 27, 2009 – blyton4keeps says: Julian, dependable, honest old Ju, became an accomplished solicitor in the City. The Five continued to meet over holidays but somehow never recaptured the spirit of their youth. As the world chaned around them, so too did their relationshp. George, instaly took to the revolutionary spirit and freedom of the 60's. She officialy changed her name and took to wearing trousers in public, something that Anne simply could not understand. For her part, George could not fathom how Anne let hersefl be dictated to by that smug husband of hers. He had the FINAL word on everything from when they took their holidays to what they should have for tea! The cheek! Julain, as usual, tried to intervene when he saw George's famous temper rising, but even he could not ease the tension the Five felt when they were all together. Dick had been in rough sorts. Unable to hold a steady job, and constantly worrying Anne with late night calls asking for money, he had fallen out with the Five.
May 30, 2009 – Spitfire says: Love the deep blue sea (Feb 24th) ideas - keeps reasonably true to the Blyton characters in my opinion! I do think though that Anne is underestimated in this and in several other posts - don't forget that she had a 'tiger' in her at times! (as in Mystery to Solve)- and there is plenty of time for that to develop in her teens.
June 23, 2009 – Amy says: I had my own idea about what happens. George finds out that Quentin is her stepfather. She is in love with Dick so she marries him. Julian marries Jo and Anne marries Tinker. Timmy is still alive but George now also has a horse.
June 29, 2009 – Michelle says: Whatever happened to them, they stay together. During their 20s until 50s, they have 'Famous Five Detective Agency' with Timmy, of course. Then, they retired on their mid 50s and finally live peacefully on Kirrin Cottage or Island. Jo join the Detective Agency too, because she marries Dick. Anne marries Tinker. Julian could be with Henrietta. George, I don't know about her. With Richard maybe?
September 24, 2009 – April June says: I feel that the Five should always stay the Five, stuck in their teens and forever solving baffling mysteries, living on and on and on, having more and more wonderful adventures to be written down and passed on for the future generations of children to read and admire and be inspired by one of the greatest authors of all time and her Five characters whose adventures they keep reading about.
Fatty says... Fatty says: Amen to that!
September 28, 2009 – Mary-Lou says: Dick marries Jo, the others marry people we don't meet in the series. Timmy has pups, who have pups in turn so that George's family always have a Timmy. They take up their own separate careers: Julian as a policeman, Dick as a pilot, George as a vet and Anne as a country housewife; but they all go to stay in Kirrin with their families in the summer, where their children (the Tremendous Ten) solve mysteries-though not as well, nor such exciting mysteries, as their parents' had, the Five think.
October 15, 2009 – Soumik says: Julian became a police chief marrying a woman of his age and having a child named Max. Dick worked under Julian as a deputy having a child, David. George didn't marry ever and still kept herself as a boy working in Hill Tracing Institution. Anne Watson (Anne) became a house-wife having 2 children namely Allie (the elder) and Appy.
October 15, 2009 – Kylie Paris Ruby Jackson says: Julian and George should work together as detecives. Dick should marry Jo, and open a restaurant. Anne should marry a loving husband, a nice house, and a helping maid. And have adorable adventerous children. Timmy will become the oldest dog in the world, and have a wife, but no litters because he is too busy to look after them. He helps Julian and George! But the best is, that their age doesn't change and they keep entertaining lives of children!
October 29, 2009 – Anonymous says: Guys! I am still struggling to understand why Julian/Dick/George would ever get divorced??? Married, yes, probably. But divorced? Back then, people simply didn't divorce. It wasn't legal till the 60's. Everyone is so obssesed about their starting up a detective agency. I believe they would have had normal lives as middle-class, sane people. More importantly, however, people DO change. It happens. Therefore, I think we should all stop the theoritisising and get on with our lives. Why does it matter anyway?
Fatty says... Fatty says: If all of you stopped theorising, there would be no thread! It obviously matters to you, as you've taken the time to write in about it!
October 29, 2009 – rogoz says: It matters to get some of the facts right since the last Famous Five novel was issued in 1963 at which point in Blyton-time they were all single, not married and had plenty of scope for future divorce. And it's 'theorizing' not 'theoritisising'.
Bets says... Bets says: My mistake, probably, for not spotting that! Although... it might have been Fatty! ;-)
November 2, 2009 – EnidFan says: Shiphrah, your idea that divorce was not legal till the 1960s is incorrect. Divorce has been legal for a long time (several centuries), though fairly stigmatized till the 20th century. In the 20th century though the stigma was reduced and many marriages ended in divorce. Blyton herself was divorced. The sharp rise in overall divorce rates occured in the 1970s - a trend that continues till today.
January 30, 2011 – Sofia Aggelidou says: What could have happened to the Famous Five?! I think I can answer that! Let's see: Julian could have married Henry (from Five Go To Mystery Moor), Dick with Jo is a GREAT for me couple, George, I would imagine George married with a scientist or Toby (from Five Go To Billycock Hill) and Anne married Martin (from Five On Kirrin Island Again). Now Julian could be a scientist, as he always wanted, Henry a in the house or with horses, Dick a doctor, Jo in the house, George living in the Kirrin Cottage, Toby a farmer or a pilot, Anne a teacher and Martin an art teacher.
March 10, 2011 – fudgeiscool says: I think Julian is a good businessman, got married, and had twins, Anne is a housewife hard at work at cooking and cleaning, Dick is a baker and George has decided she is a woman and is a chief inspector of police.
March 12, 2011 – Asha says: Dick marries Jo and becomes a successful businessman. Anne marries a rich and handsome man and lives happily ever after as a housewife with 8 kids. Julian marries Henrietta and becomes a teacher. He is regularly ridiculed by his students for being such a douche-bag. And George marries a hippie and becomes a hippie herself (and finally grows her hair long). I guess Anne gets really disgusted with George and ends all ties with her.
March 15, 2011 – Daniel says: Anne surely became a housewife. Julian married someone and fought with her a lot as he was bossy. Dick married Jo and became very rich and had many cooks in his house. George married, um, nobody, because of her boyish attitude and and became a spy or a detective and Timmy helped her.
March 26, 2012 – WereWoof says: Julian became a politician (Conservative of course), George went to Greenham Common and became a New Labour politician, Dick became a lobbyist and was sent to prison for selling favours and Anne, well she married someone that turned out to be a con artist and Timmy met a nice Rough Collie. . . Sorry it`s the cynic in me speaking.
March 29, 2012 – Julie@owlsdene says: I'd like to think that Dick became a doctor and married Jo. Julian followed his uncle and became a scientist. Anne married a banker and had children. George remained unmarried bought a farm and opened up a sanctuary for rescued dogs and Timmy remained by his mistresses side until he passed peacefully away.
April 17, 2012 – Deby says: I know what happened to them. Julian just had to join the Police Force, as he was often praised by the police in the books (and of course, he was soooo grown up and had that special tone in his voice that impressed cross police officers and other 'grown ups' in authority!! ) He would have risen to the dizzy heights quite quickly (even though the others helped him half the time, but he didn't acknowledge this of course. ). Dick became a pilot, taking people on adventure tours in far-flung places across the world. Anne married a sensible young man and took great pleasure in attending to his domestic needs and bringing up their twin boys and a girl, whilst being a leading light in the local WI. George still runs a boarding kennels and animal rescue centre with a 'friend' of many years' standing. Timmy's 'mongrel' qualities which became famous through all the help he had given in the Five's adventures, meant that he became an officially recognised breed and sired many litters, all of whom went on to be famous police dogs. And they all live happily ever after!
May 18, 2012 – thetotty says: Julian, the bossy and sensible brother, went on to university and majored in applied sciences. He met a girl there, blonde haired and blue eyed like him, and married her. He got a conventional job, rose above the ranks, and become a boring old man with 4 children. He made his wife quit her job and stay home too look after the children because he wanted someone like Anne for a wife. Anne grew up to be very beautiful, and so she married young, since she is so prim and proper. She became a housewife because her husband is a rich and powerful man, with regal blood. She has 3 children, and her life is not unlike Victoria Beckham. Dick, with his brown hair, grew up to be very, very handsome. He is also a top student in school and got a scholarship to study in Cambridge. After graduation, he paid a visit to Kirrin, meeting up with George and Jo. Jo became quite cultured, and worked as a store assistant in a local bakery. George, being used to being called a boy for so many years, and used to getting her own way by throwing tantrums, became a jobless tomboy. She was never that good academically, but after Timmy's passing, her grades dropped. But seeing Dick again after 6 years, stirred a foreign emotion in George. She fell in love with Dick, and thus staking her claim. Jo still likes Dick very much, and so a love triangle was formed.
Bets says... Bets says: Complicated!
May 19, 2012 – Farwa says: Well, it's already written in "Five On Kirrin Island Again" that Julian wanted to become a scientist, Dick wanted to become a doctor, and George. She probably joined Jo in something, with Timmy running beside her, as always. The Famous Five met every weekend, and enjoyed on Kirrin Island.
February 2, 2013 – EB's GF says: It is simple. Julian joined the Air Force and married Berta. Dick set up fishing outlets and his business flourished. He married Jo. George never married and became a nurse. Anne became a vet and married another vet named Glynn. It is on the 'Fan Portry' section.
May 29, 2013 – Ginny Weasley says: Yeah for all the people who think George should marry her elder cousin Julian and have 3(cause that's like a favorite number)children and live happily ever after. They sure should try it themselves sometimes and marry their cousin!! And about Anne a being a housewife may I please say those people are not at all open minded!! Why should a clever girl like Anne become a housewife?! She could go to a university and get a degree and a good job! There is no reason at all by the way for George o marry ANY of her cousins by the way because that is number one disgusting and number 2 messed up!! I think that they all finished high school and decided to go to university together. They all got their degrees in their various fields such as Anne in Arts or Law and George in Animal Care etc. Julian joined the police force,and became very successful. Dick became something like well Dick,but not a food critic,something more adventurous you know. Julian's job could be a bit more adventurous too but I thought officer Julian sort of suited him!! Anne became a very successful either lawyer, businesswoman etc and made George see reason towards constantly trying to be a boy. George in answer invited Anne to move into Kirrin Cottage and they with help from their brothers Julian and Dick started an animal shelter\animal clinic of which George was owner. The boys practically always took time off to visit Kirrin Cottage and of course Timmy found a pretty girl dog preferably a Lab or Retriever and had puppies. As for their marriages,i mean you never know and it's their choice if they even WANT to get married!! And even though they were in their 20's and all grown up now they never gave up a good case!! They always remained the same and lived happily ever after. And may i conclude to say that i truly understand why all Blyton's character's end at around you maximum 18 -19(which is for like Julian and all) It just gets so complicated when you grow older! I mean they were just the Famous Five solving crimes when they were younger And now we're wondering what jobs they'll get when they're older ad who they'll MARRY!! I mean whatever happened to good old Famous Five??!!!!
Fatty says... Fatty says: We seem to have left poor old Tim behind.....
June 3, 2013 – Ginny Weasley says: Hey guys,this is not so much of a comment as a question I want to ask all of you. So I saw this video where Julian sees these weird people hanging around Kirrin Cottage and comes out of his bedroom window to see what's going on. The men go off in a a car and Julian loses his footing and falls from his window to the ground! Later it's shown that he has to wear crutches! This is apparently from Five go off in a caravan but I don't remember reading this part so I wanted to know whether there was an actual part like this or whether it was one of those remix things!
Fatty says... Fatty says: The actor, Marco Williamson broke his leg, so it was written into the scripts of Five Have a Wonderful Time and Five Go a off in a Caravan.
June 10, 2014 – Sarah Drego says: I think that George will have got married to Ju. After all, they knew each other since they were children and Julian is nice. Anne might have got married to a farmer or to be more precise Jock or Harry. Anne always wanted to live on a farm. As a mentioned in an earlier comment - Dick got married to Jo. Jo admired Dick and Dick had a soft corner for her. It's hard to say who Timmy mated with. It may have been Binky- Toby's dog or some other dog who the readers of the 5 don't know. Or maybe he didn't mate at all.
June 11, 2014 – Sarah Drego says: Julian will become an artist. EB always mentioned that he wanted to be one. Dick will become a poet. He is always saying lovely things about the view. When Anne said in 5 have a mystery to solve "Dick, you ought to be a poet" he says - "I don't mind being one." George will perhaps be a lawyer. She was always fair and just. Anne will be farmer's wife - get tired of her job, three years after her marriage and then be a chef in a big restarant and provide money to her husband for farming purposes. Timmy will meet a white dog called Snowy and have a litter of pups that are brown and white in colour who everybody will call the 'Winter Tree Pups'. In winter there is snow on the trees and they don't have leaves. Trees are usually brown - like Timmy and snow is white - like Snowy. The pups are half brown like the tree and half white - like the snow.
July 11, 2014 – DMaxwelll says: Julian became a banker, in the City, at a time when they were admired not hated. Dick always struggled with a slight inferiority complex, and ended up a put-upon middle manager with a utility company. Anne was an affluent but bored housewife until her divorce in the early 70's. Putting her drink problems behind her, she found had some success publishing 'country-kitchen' recipe books thereafter. I agree with another poster above, regarding George. She ended up running an animal sanctuary with her female companion of many years standing. All four suffered badly with their teeth in later life, through excessive consumption of lemonade and ginger beer. Uncle Quentin had a nervous breakdown and spent his early sixties temping at minor prep schools, teaching science. Aunt Fanny was prominent in the local church until her late 80's when she left over the appointment of a woman Vicar. Health and Safety regulations forced the demolition of the ruins of Kirrin Castle. The site is now an exclusive health spa for the rich and famous. There are no fishermen left in the district; EEC fishing regulations forced them out of business in the 70's. A bijou fisherman's cottage can be picked up for a mere £350,000 now. Virtually all are second homes.
Bets says... Bets says: Dark!
October 26, 2014 – Evie says: In the Famous Five, how do you think their futures worked out love-wise? I think Dick married Jo, Julian marries Berta, George never actually gets married but goes out with a fisherman, and Anne marries Wilfrid from Five have a mystery to solve. And I was also confused by his name- I thought it should be spelt Wilfred, but in the book it is spelt Wilfrid.
October 27, 2014 – Enid Blyton junior says: Yes I agree with you Evie, I think George wouldn't get married. Julian would marry Berta. Anne would marry wilfrid. Dick then marries Jo. So Timmy just keeps stealing food.
June 1, 2017 – Mim says: I guess from reading all the books from the series that it may b possible that Julian did have some feelings for George ( other than brotherly feelings), so they might have ended up together. Also maybe I wanted it too. I always kind of paired them ( though I know they are cousins but still its legal and ok! ). I also paired Dick and Jo, Anne and Wilfred. That would be my happy ending.
January 8, 2018 – TabbyCat_99 says: I don't think Julian will marry Berta because as far as I'm concerned, Julian and Berta have had no chemistry. I know it's pretty disgusting that some think that Julian and George will get married, but it's quite true actually. I'm sure George admires Julian because she looks up to him, and listens to him whenever he tells her to calm down. I think Dick will marry Jo because in 'Five Have Plenty Of Fun', the writer says that Dick loved Jo (I don't know whether she meant as friends or as love, but I'm sure she's giving us a hint about the future). As for Anne, I'm sure she will marry Richard Kent from 'Five Get Into Trouble because there was definitely some chemistry there!

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