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Enid Blyton Quiz

So, you think your general knowledge of Enid Blyton's books is good? Well, let's find out! This quiz contains 50 multiple choice questions, most of which are pretty straightforward. There are a few easy ones, and a few tricky ones too, but for the most part the difficulty level depends on which books you've read and what you can remember. The simplest question to one contestant might be the hardest to another. See how others have fared in the Quiz Score Chart.


Questions are presented one at a time, with a maximum of twenty seconds for each. The quiz will take somewhere between 5-15 minutes. You only get ONE chance! This is the only way to achieve fair, honest results, so make sure you're ready and undisturbed when you take your go. If the power goes out or you're distracted by a passing meteor during your turn, or something else happens, don't despair – just let me know and I'll reset things so you can take your turn again. But otherwise, just one go each please!

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With thanks to Spoorti Ramesh and Vinayak Jain for suggesting some of the questions in this quiz. However, the majority of the questions are new to them too, so their scores will be fair! :-D

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